What to Give Kids When They Have a Cough


It can be hard to decide what the best home remedy is when your kids develop a cough, especially if there’s no fever or other symptoms. Since many cough remedies contain several medicines to treat a wide range of symptoms, they can over-medicate kids who just have a scratchy throat. So what do you use when you have a young one who needs to get a good night’s sleep and a cough is keeping everyone awake? That’s where simple remedies like Wellements Children’s cough and mucus syrup come in handy. They’re formulated with all-natural ingredients that provide soothing relief to dry and scratchy throats, without a lot of harsh medication designed to treat other conditions.

How Do Natural Cough Syrups Work?

Artificially formulated cough syrup products don’t actually treat the cough, instead, they are made with anesthetic ingredients that numb the throat, reducing the impulse to cough. They also have soothing elements like the syrup itself, but the active ingredients are designed to mask cough symptoms. Additional ingredients address congestion, fever, or other symptoms, but not the dry throat that leads to coughing fits. By contrast, natural cough syrups use remedies known to soothe the throat and keep it hydrated, reducing the irritation that causes coughing.

Natural cough syrups and artificially formulated ones both treat the symptoms, so if a cough persists or you see additional symptoms like fever, it’s always a good idea to talk to your family doctor about a possible diagnosis and treatment option that provides direct relief. The relief provided by cough suppressant treatments can’t be underestimated, though, because they help sick kids rest and get better, even if they don’t directly fight off a bug.

Treating Coughs With Congestion

Not every cough is a dry one. When you’ve got a cough that comes with congestion, your kids need a medicine designed to provide relief that helps them breathe easier. Cough syrups with decongestants are a big help there, because they provide both soothing relief for the irritation causing the cough and relief from the pressure and discomfort that comes with stuffy noses and congested sinuses. Wellements nighttime cough syrup is designed with just that purpose in mind, with ingredients designed to address the mucus buildup that comes with the common cold and other seasonal bugs.

Hear From Parents Who Got Results

When you’re looking for the right cough and cold product to treat your family’s sniffles and minor cold symptoms, it helps to know how it performed for others. That’s why you should check out the reviews on any new over the counter product before jumping in. When a company has a lot to brag about, it tends to show off, making those reviews easy to find. That’s one of the best ways to boost consumer confidence, after all. Look for companies that aren’t afraid to shine a light on their reviews. For example, the Wellements reviews page on the company site has a wide variety of reactions to their range of natural health products for kids, making it easy to see just how they worked out for other families.